Key Care Tips to Keep Your Western Boots Looking Their Best

rodeo western boots

Undeniably, cowboy boots are among the most important equipment for the rodeo. But while they started off as totally functional footwear, they've now become a stylish staple for both men and women -- even if you never actually ride a bull. That shift occurred back in the 1930s and 1940s when Western movies allowed the popularity of rodeo Western boots to soar. But no matter whether you wear these boots for work or for play, you've got to care for them properly. Our rodeo western wear was made to last, but it can't do that without your help. You'll want to reference this post as your rodeo Western boots care sheet to make sure your feet always look awesome.

Wipe Them Off

Cowboy boots are meant to get dirty. You probably didn't have a good time if you come home with clean and pristine boots. But you can't just kick them off and call it a day. You need to remove dirt, dust, mud, and other debris after every wear. Otherwise, that stuff can seep into the cracks in the leather and actually damage the boots' finish. On the bright side, cleaning them is pretty easy to do. Just use a slightly damp cloth or soft brush to remove the dirt and gunk. If the boots are really dirty, you can use a recommended boot lotion or other product to get rid of the grime and leave the skins nice and soft.

Let Them Air-Dry

After you've stepped in a puddle or spent a day in the mud, you might be tempted to use a hair dryer or put them over the heat vent to speed up the drying process. Just don't. That could cause the leather to crack (and nobody wants that). You've got to be a little patient here. There's no other way than to let your boots air-dry. Additionally, you should never wear wet boots or put them away when they're damp. Boot trees and boot shapers can be a good solution here.

Use a Boot Jack

Anyone who frequents a rodeo shop knows that these boots can be easy to put on and nearly impossible to take off. That's how they're meant to be, but it can make it tough to change your shoes in a hurry. Instead of struggling to remove your boots after a long day -- and possibly damaging the leather in the process -- try using a boot jack. This simple contraption makes taking off your boots a breeze, and you won't risk hurting yourself oryour rodeo Western boots.

Know When to Condition and Polish

Finally, you've got to know when to bring out the big guns. You should condition your boot skins to ensure they won't dry out and start to crack. This usually happens at the stress points. Make sure that your boots are clean and dry before applying the boot conditioner with a soft cloth. Massage the conditioner into the boot entire boot; you may have to repeat this process if the boot is extremely dry. If your boots have become scratched or scuffed, you may be able to use a polish (providing your boots already have a finish) to make them really shine. Do not use a colored polish on exotic animal skin boots. Typically, you'll apply the polish in light layers and buff between each layer. If you have questions about how to polish your boots or whether you should at all, you'll want to seek out assistance at reputable Western stores in Texas for confirmation.

Now that you know how to properly care for your rodeo Western boots, you'll have peace of mind that they'll last for years to come. Ready to pick out a handsome pair for yourself? Take a look at our website or visit our store to try them on in person. We'd love to help you get started.