Tuxedo Rental Program

Needing a formal tuxedo for your upcoming prom, wedding, or special event? We have you covered! Grand Entry is teaming up with Jim's Formal Wear to offer multiple tuxedo options for all of your special occasions. We have packages that cover you head to toe, or you can piece items together to cover your needs.

How to rent

We do all rentals in store. Tuxedo rentals can be placed over the phone, but measurements will need to be provided, and we are not responsible for any items not fitting based on measurements given to us. To rent a tuxedo, follow the guide below.

  • Please make an appointment. Without an appointment we can not guarantee the availability of a store employee to measure you and help you pick out your options.  
  • When making the appointment, be sure to enter a valid email address, and details about the event. It helps if we know what the date of the event is, as well as the type of event (prom, wedding, or other occasion)
  • When you arrive at your appointment be sure to wear shoes that are easy to take off, as we will need to take measurements without them. We may also ask you to remove any coat or outerwear, and items from your pockets that could change the measurements.
  • Once the measurements are taken and the options are chosen, we will have you pay the full amount of your rental that day. This amount is only refundable for until 2 weeks before your event date. We will also be sure to have your contact information noted correctly so that we can call or email you when your rental arrives.
  • Rentals are due back to the store on the Monday following the event. You will not need to worry about cleaning the items, as this is covered in your rental price.

Booking an Appointment

We ask that each person renting a tuxedo book an appointment ahead of time. This ensures that someone will be available to take measurements and work with you one on one to go over all of the options and pick the tuxedo that is best for you. We cannot guarantee availability of someone to measure and book the rental without a prior appointment booked.

  • To book a 30 minute appointment click here. If you feel you may need additional time please let us know in the notes of the appointment booking and we will block the next time slot for you if available, or reschedule for a longer block. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the style of tuxedo chosen, the options needed, and many other factors. Every rental can vary. You can rent a coat by itself for as low as $60, and can add on items by the piece. We have four different packages ranging from $150 to $200 that include coat, pants, tie, vest or cummerbund, shoes and upgraded microfiber shirt. We can work with you and your budget to get you all that you need!

When do I need to get my order in?

You can place your order whenever you would like, however we recommend at least 7 days in advance. This ensures timely delivery and should any item not work out, this gives us time to replace it before the event. However we understand last minute events and can take orders with less than 7 days, but there is an added $15 shipping charge to ensure delivery before the event, and should anything not fit or work out, there may not be time to replace.

Can I see options before my appointment?

Absolutely! You can see all options available here and can even build your own tux and have the style and options chosen and ready for us to expedite your appointment time. 

Do you offer rentals for children?

Yes! Most of our adult styles are available beginning at size 3. The prices are the same as the adult rentals. For children it is recommended that we measure and order within a month of the event, due to the rapid growth of little ones.

Do you offer tuxedo purchases?

Many of our tuxedos and accessories are available to purchase. If you are looking to purchase the tuxedo, be sure to note that when booking the appointment, or at your appointment so we can show you the available options. You can also see the purchase catalog here.

Are there any special programs for Grooms

Yes! Grooms with 5 paid full rentals in their part (family members or groomsmen) can have their own rental free of charge. These will be placed as normal and the groom will be given a 100% discount at checkout. 

What if someone renting is not local to Stephenville?

We can take measurements over the phone, and we even offer Direct Delivery to ship your rental to your home, hotel or event venue. There is a shipping charge for direct delivery. We recommend getting measurements done at a tailor or rental business to ensure accurancy. Please call the store to get a copy of the measurements we need and for more information. 

Do I need to clean my tuxedo before returning?

No you don't! Every rental will include an $10 Accidental Damage Waiver Fee that will cover all cleaning, as well as any stains or small accidental tears that may happen. This fee does not cover lost or stolen items, malicious damages, or late charges.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to use the form on the contact us page, shoot us an email at info@chickelms.com, or call us at 254-968-3920. You can also set an appointment using the 15 minute link, to cover any other information.


**Updated August 2023**